About us

We are an integrated marketing agency which combines on-line and off-line expertise. Just as our name ‘emocni’ (e-strong) implies, we are strong in everything that relates to our e-work, and we pour our emotions into everything we do.


Integrated Marketing

In our work we apply our vast knowledge of the Internet, extensive experience and thorough business know-how to help our clients quickly achieve their desired results. We take a comprehensive approach while choosing the most efficient toolkit and marketing channels customized for every brand’s strategic goals.


Our agency is comprised of four teams of professionals with complementary areas of expertise cooperating harmoniously like the parts of a well-oiled machine. 

 These teams are:

  • Digital marketing – responsible for developing of on-line portals and shopping websites
  • UX – responsible for developing electronic devices
  • Content marketing – responsible for developing unique SEO and SEM content
  • Investor Relations – responsible for providing tools and information related to IR

Our agency's strategy and creation department is the common resource and overarching structure that all of our teams make use of, which is responsible for coordination of their activities. 


This ensures that we provide our clients with coherent communication when carrying out complex, multi-layered projects. The philosophy which inspires our day-to-day work is simple: "What we don't do is more important than what we do." We do not engage in activities outside our areas of expertise. We believe in the power of expertise, which we understand as the power of a tailor-made User Experience, our consulting competences and our skills in accurately and thoroughly understanding the marketing and business process.

We do nothing in half-measures.

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