Social media & content marketing

In striving to increase sales effectiveness, the Internet with its explosive growth of social networks in possession of extremely detailed information about potential consumers must be taken into account - no business process can neglect the fact that it is the perfect space for marketing messages. 


social-media-content-marketing.jpgLooking at social media, where Internet users are associated by friendships, interests, relationships, hobbies and even their problems, we can identify ready-made target groups. It easy to see a range of possibilities for instant contact with consumers looking for your product. 


What does content marketing look like and what is its promotional effect on the position of brands on the market?

First and foremost, action is of the essence.


Creating a group of fans devoted to a brand, not only catching their attention for a moment, is key. The foundation for such a group starts with providing a place which will be visited by fans looking for content that will entertain, inspire or otherwise interest them.


A way to get to that place is through a sponsored link, where the included content should encourage dialogue, expression of opinions, questions and tales joy or dissatisfaction. 


The years 2013 and 2014 will be dominated by branded content, marketing communication which does not focus on a product itself but on creating engaging content. Up to 70% of consumers prefer to learn about products not from conventional commercials, but rather from articles. By offering content marketing services we not only bring together brands and consumers, who are provided with interesting content, but more importantly we also make brands more visible on the Internet. For example, by adding a “company blog” bookmark with regularly-appearing new content to your website increases your company's visibility on the Internet by 55%. Over 329,000,000 people a month read blogs. Companies which post content on their blogs 15 times a month have five-fold greater volumes of website traffic than those without a blog. Moreover, regular updating of a website’s content generates up to 97% more leads.


Content is The King

Social media provide a great opportunity to expand knowledge about a brand and help to build loyalty among both current and potential clients.

This is why the Content Marketing Department of offers:

  • promotional campaigns for websites and online shops in social media company 
  • brand profile management 
  • investor relations profile management
  • company blog management
  • SEO/SEM content creation


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